Seat Assembly

One stop shop for seating requirements, Multiflex RNC positioned itself as the local market leader who honestly competes with quality and reasonable cost. Combined with assurance of safety and comfort make our products patronized by our number of bus operator clients


Molded Foam

Multiflex RNC Phils. Inc., formerly known as Uratex Phils., is a big name in producing foam mattress since 1968. Starting 1975, the company decided to take a leap in the automotive industry to supply seat back and cushion. But only this 2008, when we see the bus industry as a big opportunity due to its increasing demand but isolated local market.

Presently, Multiflex RNC is the only local manufacturer of bus seat foam that can compete with other global leaders.



For our list of clients who avail of our seat and cover assembly includes our lamination service.  Wherein, liquid adhesive is applied directly to a substrate via engraved rollers, which is then bonded under pressure to a second layer.

Integral Armrest

This type of high-density foam has wide application possibilities because of its properties that meet the highest requirements on reliability, and function of every client. Capability wise, Multiflex RNC is the only integral foam manufacturer in the Philippines that can produce big volume in a small period of time due to our world-class machines.

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