Seat Assembly

Currently the leading supplier of complete seat assembly for Big 4 Brands in motorcycle (Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki). Known for producing superb product with justifiable price. Already established a credible image among the OEM market since 1999

Molded Foam

Noted to be one of the biggest manufacturers of foam items in the Southeast Asia, Uratex used only the best raw materials to be able to actualize the finest products for our customers.

Plastic Parts

We always assure that our products were all 100% made of virgin materials to satisfy the needs of our clients. We supply plastic bottom plate for motorcycle as inclusion in our seat assembly while fenders and case storage box were sold separately. A total of 20 injection machines with 45‐1800 tons clamping force, surely makes our production capabilities trusted.


New in the market but already has brand impact due to the established credibility of Uratex. Launched this 2014 to cater the wider aftersales market of motorcycle. We are now offering replacement seat for TMX, RS 100 and HD III with the pledge to sell an OEM like quality but with the most competitive price.  Inquiries or interested parties may contact us here.  


Our foreign clients are proof of our world class capabilities.   From Japan to US,  we supply special solo seats which are made of genuine materials here in Philippines.