Seat Assembly

From having technical tie‐up with foreign firms to assure excellence and world‐class facilities, Uratex has adopted those traits to this day that made them one of the top choices of car manufacturers.

Molded Foam

Created to fully comply with clients specifications. Uratex has developed the simplest form of foam seat to the most complex items such as energy absorbing and dual hardness foams. A one‐of‐a‐kind capability that only Uratex can do.

Flame Lamination

Multiflex RNC is the first company here in Philippines to offer flame lamination to comply with the global trend of automotive industry. It is used to produce laminates by bonding foam/fabric or foam/film by passing the foam over an open flame. Before it was introduced to our clients, we have been offering them wet lamination wherein adhesive is use to bond materials. Another first and only in Uratex.

Plastic Parts

Strange to most, but Multiflex RNC Phils. manufactures plastic parts for automotive brands. Trusted for supplying world‐class items since day one.