Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission of Multiflex

To be the customer’s choice, with products and services that can be relied upon and depended on

To be the employee’s choice, with a commitment to their welfare and their growth

To be able to contribute to the community we are in, and to the Filipino society as a whole

Vision of Multiflex
To be a place where work is meaningful because I belong and I make a difference for my family, for my company, for my customer, for my community and for my country. We will be known to be a Filipino and a Christian success story.
Core Values of Multiflex

Work/Life Balance – We will strive for a reasonable work/life balance --- hanapbuhay at hindi trabaho. While maintaining professionalism, we will maintain a family atmosphere.

No to Bureaucracy – We will always be allergic to red tape and bureaucracy. We will be known for our quick decision-making. Our authority will be based on who is right and not who is in power.

Leadership by Example – we will value leaders with both heart and mind. We will value leaders who are nurturing of subordinates. Our leaders shall be hands-on in work and entrepreneurial in spirit. Our leaders will be inspirational mentors and shall lead by example. The Company has defined the kind of leadership it espouses, that which is based on character and competence.

Valuable Work – everybody will be asked to perform valuable work which directly affects the top and bottom line. Everyone will be developed and motivated to contribute. No one will be left behind.

Customer Focus – We will listen empathically to know what the customer needs are. We will work passionately to satisfy those needs. Our industrial customers will be more profitable because of us and the value that we create. Our consumer customers will delight in our products.

Frugality – we intend to stay for the long-term and throughout many generations. We will be frugal and save adverse conditions. We will be lean and will never have pork barrel. We will always be admired for our financial strength.

Extraordinary Performance -  our performance will be far from ordinary. We will be innovative and we will continually push the limits of our existing standards through innovation, creativity and synergy. We will continuously improve at all levels.

Industry Leader – in our industry, we will be known as the best company to work for and the most admired. We will be ambitious to be dominant leader in the industry we participate in; but we will stand on reasonable and stable growth; we will always assess and manage our risks.

High Quality and High Value Products – Our products will always be high quality, full-range, value-priced; and this will be obvious to our customers. Our brands will have an affinity with the customer and will always remind them of the high quality product and service that they have experienced.

Appropriate Use of Technology – we will always research the latest technology and apply it where applicable. We will always benchmark against the best.

Sense of Urgency – We will always maintain a sense of urgency. We will never procrastinate. Our habits will be those of highly effective people.

Teamwork – We will strive for synergy in our teams. We know that creativity starts with the plurality of opinions. We will have common goals. We will be interested not only in the achievement of our own objectives but those of our teammates as well.